"I know, I'll sing em all, and we'll stay all night."
- Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall, April 23rd, 1961

A kaleidoscopic documentary film, STAY ALL NIGHT is a dazzling show-business and social meditation on the profound bond between Judy Garland and her audience, the nature of memory, and New York City, as seen through the prism of the legendary Judy Garland Carnegie Hall concert on April 23rd, 1961. This night was famously, yet only preserved as a live recording and indelibly in the memories of those who were there.

At the emotional core of the film, we are compelled by the power of witness, specifically by new first-hand accounts from Judy at Carnegie audience members. Unfolding in a mosaic of intimate conversations, music, and evocative imagery, STAY ALL NIGHT will transport audiences into an era and a city, mixing past and present to weave a tapestry of personal journeys and unexpected tales.

Remarkably, no film exists of this 1961 concert - something unimaginable in our times – but this documentary embraces the power and mystery of the seemingly untouchable. STAY ALL NIGHT will create something new and tangible via an innovative use of oral history, archival, found, photographic, newly-shot environmental and representational footage, and an enveloping ambient musical soundscape with echoes of the past and present. This is not a recreation of the performance, but will bring us as close to it as we'll ever be. An emotional and cinematic time tunnel, STAY ALL NIGHT will reflect on the unplanned perfect combination of elements – artist, audience, concert hall, city, era – that still command and inspire our attention nearly 50 years later. In the process, the film will also hold a mirror to the social and cultural parallels and changes in our modern world.

For this one night, in one luminous city, in one famous concert hall, a diverse group came together and shared the unique, precious experience and communal fervor of Judy Garland at her peak. It's the shared experience that binds these people - and us - together forever.